Kris Humphries’ Family Speaks Out About Kim Kardashian Divorce

Kris Humphries' Family Speaks Out About Kim Kardashian Divorce
While most of the attention surrounding Kim Kardashian’s divorce from NBA star Kris Humphries has been on the reality star and her TV-loving family, Humphries’ own family is now speaking on out the split. Kris’ dad, William Humphries, spoke to Life & Style Weekly about how his son didn’t know that Kardashian was filing for ...

Aniston romancing Theroux?

Aniston romancing Theroux?
Actress Jennifer Aniston is reportedly dating actor Justin Theroux after both were seen coming together at a movie awards function in Los Angeles. Aniston, who dated music producer John Mayer and actor Vince Vaughn after her marriage to Brad Pitt ended in 2005, has been linked to Theroux in recent weeks.

Watson Was ‘In Denial’ About Potter Fame

Watson Was 'In Denial' About Potter Fame
Emma Watson has opened up about her decision to shun the limelight to study at an American university, insisting she was “in denial” about her Harry Potter fame. The actress, who enrolled at Brown University in Rhode Island in 2009, turned her focus to her degree in a desperate attempt to escape the spotlight and ...

Pattinson’s Closet Packed To The Brim

Pattinson's Closet Packed To The Brim
Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson has a shameful secret – he can’t stop hoarding clothes. The British actor has accumulated stacks of clothing he never wears but he refuses to donate the unworn garments to pals, preferring to rent out storage spaces to house his outfits.

Robsten plan secret Wedding! 2

Robsten plan secret Wedding!
‘Twilight’ stars Robert Pattinson and girlfriend Kristen Stewart are reportedly considering a secret wedding this summer. The 24-year-old British actor proposed to Stewart in the New Year and the couple are now planning to tie the knot soon, reported a website.

Robert Pattinson: ‘Breaking Dawn’ Sex With Kristen Stewart ‘Like Twister’ 2

Robert Pattinson: 'Breaking Dawn' Sex With Kristen Stewart 'Like Twister'
Edward and Bella are finally going to neck bite… and have sex. Robert Pattinson spoke to MTV about the much-hyped sex scene in ‘Breaking Dawn,’ the final chapter in the to-this-point very chaste ‘Twilight Saga.’ The famously demure star — who has refused to speak about his obvious personal relationship with co-star Kristen Stewart — ...