Ashton Kutcher named highest paid actor on US TV

Ashton Kutcher has topped the highest paid actor list on US TV, earning 700,000 dollars for each episode of ‘Two and a Half Men.’ The 34-year-old actor replaced Charlie Sheen on the hit comedy series after his ‘drug meltdown.’

Charlie Sheen plans to retire from Hollywood

Charlie Sheen has announced that he is planning to retire from Hollywood, saying that his new sitcom will be his “swan song”. The 46-year-old actor, who has admitted to “hurting himself” with his recent carefree antics, now said that he is looking forward to turning his back on show business.heen was fired from hit TV ...

Charlie Sheen’s ex shoots steamy video

Charlie Sheen's ex shoots steamy video
Charlie Sheen’s porn star ex-girlfriend Bree Olson has stripped off in a video clip to call for the arrest of fugitive Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony. The 25-year-old former “goddess” has said that she was so inspired by KONY 2012, the viral video calling for the arrest of militia leader, that she decided to do ...

Charlie Sheen set for TV comeback

Charlie Sheen is all set for his official return to the tube. The actor will make a comeback to American TV screens with his new comedy series “Anger Management” in March — a year after he was fired from hit sitcom ” Two And A Half Men”.

Charlie Sheen threatened with lawsuit

Charlie Sheen has been threatened with legal action by his former employers over the use of photographs of himself to promote his new show. According to sources, the makers of TV comedy ‘Two and a Half Men’ have told Charlie Sheen to stop using their photos to promote his forthcoming new show ‘Anger Management’, the ...

‘Two And A Half Men’ Premiere Is ‘Nightmare’ For Charlie Sheen

'Two And A Half Men' Premiere Is 'Nightmare' For Charlie Sheen
Although Charlie Sheen is on a media blitz, telling everyone that he wishes nothing but the best for his old show, “Two and A Half Men,” in private Sheen is having a much harder time coming to terms with the fact that the show will go on without him. “Last night was a nightmare for ...