Emma Watson joins ‘The Bling Ring’

Emma Watson joins 'The Bling Ring'
Actress Emma Watson is set to star in Sofia Coppola’s ” The Bling Ring”. The 21-year-old will play a leading role in the Coppola’s directed movie about a group of teenage girls in Hollywood.

‘Topless’ Hilton boasts of making 1.3 billion dollars!

'Topless' Hilton boasts of making 1.3 billion dollars!
While posing topless for the front cover of FHM magazine, Paris Hilton revealed that she has made more than 1.3 billion dollars in the past six years. The 30-year-old heiress, who was celebrating her return to the magazine six years after first posing for the cover, even boasted about her entrepreneurial skills.

India’s poverty leaves Paris Hilton heartbroken

India's poverty leaves Paris Hilton heartbroken
Socialite Paris Hilton flew out of Mumbai early Tuesday saying she had an “eye opening” trip to “beautiful” India but was appalled by its poverty. “India is beautiful but some parts are very poverty stricken… broke my heart to see babies sleeping on the streets. What are the most credible non-profit (charities) in India? After ...

Paris Hilton Moving Into Real Estate

Socialite Paris Hilton is following in her family’s real estate footsteps – she’s heading to the Philippines to launch a new property venture. The reality TV star and entrepreneur, whose great-granddad Conrad Hilton founded the Hilton Hotel chain, is going into business with Century Properties bosses and will unveil the joint commercial project on Saturday.

Paris Hilton stops interview after being asked if ‘moment has passed’

Paris Hilton stops interview after being asked if 'moment has passed'
Paris Hilton appeared to briefly stop an interview with ABC after being asked whether she thought her moment in the spotlight has passed. Footage shown on GMA this morning shows Dan Harris asking Hilton about competition from other socialites and the ratings for The World According To Paris.

Paris Hilton is a Monster… 20

Paris Hilton is a Monster...
L.A. cops have issued a final warning to Paris Hilton and her beau Doug Reinhardt after repeated complaints of disturbance and noise, it has emerged. Neighbours have often called the Los Angeles Police Department, the L.A. City Attorney and the L.A. City Council over the pair’s wild night party habits. Residents are so fed up ...